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Since its inception to 2011 (vol 6), ISEA has 2 publication issues, June and December. Startting 2012, it was committed to publishing 4 issues, but in the transition stage by combining the the first and the second issues in June and December for the third and forth issues. In vol 7 (2013), ISEA fully publised 4 issues: March for 1st issues, June for 2nd issue, September for 3rd issue, and December for 4th issue. For its online version, ISEA's papers from the first vol to the last so far have been published in Ebsco database and automatically their citations have been recorded and indexed by the Ebsco system. The inclusion of ISEA in Ebsco database was due to the recommendation of some ISEA's members of Editorial Advisory Board, especially the ones from Australia and United Kingdom.

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