Extended Performance Reporting: Evaluating Corporate Social Responsibility And Intellectual Capital Management

James Guthrie, Suresh Cuganesan, Leanne Ward


Recent corporate scandals have resulted in heightened attention towards the shortcomings of traditional financial reporting frameworks. Concurrently, the rise of the corporate social responsibility imperative has led to criticisms that financial reports resent an incomplete account  of a firm‟s activities. In addition, growing acknowledgement of the importance of a firm‟s intangibles and intellectual capital has been associated with increased commentary about the need for extra disclosures if a more complete picture of the firm‟s value is to be provided to external stakeholders. This paper responds to these concerns by developing an extended performance reporting framework to the Australian Food and Beverage Industry, which is characterised by both corporate social responsibility and intellectual capital issues.  In relation to the latter, this framework presents a novel attempt to develop an industry-customised framework as called for by both industry bodies and researchers in the area.


Extended performance reporting, corporate social performance, intellectual corporate management, corporate social responsibility

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.22164/isea.v1i1.4


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