The Performance Implications of Fit among Environment, Strategy, Structure, Control System and Social Performance

Hasan Fauzi, Kamil M. Idris


The paper examined concept of corporate performance.  The paper seeks to examine the impact of corporate social performance on the relationship among business environment, strategy, organization, and control system
and corporate performance. The paper is based on a synthesis of the existing literatures in strategic management and accounting filed. The paper finds that corporate social performance defined as stakeholder relationship become one important dimension of the strategic behaviors that an organization can set to improve corporate performance. The
contextual variables as discussed in strategic management and accounting
domain will be contingent upon strategic behaviors, which are behaviors of members in an organization. The paper integrates the contextual variables including business environment, strategy, organization structure, and control system with corporate performance by using corporate social performance as moderating variable by means of a recent literatures study from strategic management and accounting field.


Contextual variable, strategic behavior, strategy, business environment, corporate social performance, corporate performance.

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