Corporate Social Performance of Indian FMCG Companies Introduction of CSR, framework and Karmayog CSR Ratings with three top Indian FMCG companies CSR initiatives

Saeed Khan


Effective Corporate Social Responsibilities or CSR initiatives shall be taken keeping all the stakeholder‘s issues in mind including the legal, ethical, commercial and other expectations society has for the business. CSR initiatives in India are now taken by many companies. Especially for the
FMCG companies, where the major challenge is reduction of packaging
materials, these companies are doing work in the field of Environment, Health care, Education, Community welfare, Women's empowerment and Girl Child care. Companies like Hindustan Unilever started work on CO2 reduction also. The websites of these companies are providing information about their CSR initiatives but are found not updated regularly. For checking their CSR performance, Karmayog Rating is taken. The rating gives good insight on CSR ratings of major FMCG companies of India. The method of calculating the rating also discussed. In appendices, India‘s top three major FMCGs companies overall CSR initiatives are discussed.


Corporate social performance, Indian companies, corporate social responsibility, CSR ratings.

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