Manager’s Perception of the Importance of Environmental Accounting and its Effect on the Quality of Corporate Environmental Accounting Disclosures: Case from Indonesia

Lindrianasari Lindrianasari, R. Weddie Adriyanto


The purpose of this study is to compare perceptions of managers in Indonesia concerning environmental accounting disclosure with actual environmental accounting disclosure. The value of this research is making an original contribution to develop instrument in exploring managerial perception of environmental accounting disclosure. Samples for this study are corporate managerial from listing companies in the Jakarta Stock Exchange and also annual report companies. This research has developed strategies to measure managerial perceptions of environmental accounting disclosure. Mail surveys design used on this study. Analysis used for testing relationship between managerial perception and environmental accounting disclosure is simple regression test. The dependent sample variable data is the latest data published in Jakarta Stock Exchange. This study finds a positive correlation between managerial perception of environmental accounting disclosure and actual environmental accounting disclosure. This result shows that disclosure quality and several legal sanctions in environmental aspects could be empowerment of regulator pasties to force managers to maintain their pollution and reported their activity also in their annual report. In hence, legitimacy theory is used as an explanation for corporate reactions to threats to its legitimacy vis-á-vis the social contract, while legitimacy theory infers motivation to incorporate environmental accounting disclosure.


Managerial perceptions, environmental accounting disclosure, legitimacy theory.

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