Institutional Ownership and Corporate Social Performance: Empirical Evidence from Indonesian Companies

Hasan Fauzi, Lois Mahoney, Azhar Abdul Rahman


Prior research on the relationships of institutional ownership and corporate social responsibility has focused on North American (U.S. and Canada) and European companies.  With the passage of Indonesian Law No. 40 in 2007, Indonesian companies are now obligated to conduct CSP. As these companies objected to the passage of this law, awareness of how CSP may benefit Indonesian companies in terms of its positive impact on institutional investors needs to be investigated. Thus, this paper examines the relationships of IO and CSP for Indonesian companies. Unfortunately, contrary to the results for North American and European companies, we found no relationships between institutional ownership and corporate social responsibility for Indonesian companies. This finding suggests that most institutional investors do not include CSP as part of their investment decisions.  


Institutional ownership, Corporate social performance (CSP), Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Indonesian companies.

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