Social and Environmental Determinants of Risk and Uncertainties Reporting

Camelia Iuliana LUNGU, Chiraţa CARAIANI, Cornelia DASCĂLU, Gina Raluca GUŞE


Recently, risk reporting has gained interest in financial reporting practice, regulation, and international research. Social and environmental reporting is seen to benefit shareholders more by reducing risk than by increasing return. The researchers showed that the annual report is the most favoured channel of disclosure, along with presentation to investors. The general message is that, as far as annual reports go, quantified, verifiable disclosures have the most credibility and relevance. Our paper is meant to develop an analysis of specific requirements regarding risks and uncertainties reported into the financial statements according to different standards (US-GAAP, IFRS, and European Directives) and their connection to social and environmental information that an entity should disclose. We focus on fundamental research that is related to inductive accounting theory and uses scientific methods for identification of corporate reporting
theoretical and practical difficulties in European and international economic


Risks and uncertainties, corporate risk disclosure, social and environmental reporting financial statements, non-financial risks.

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