Sustainability Disclosure among Malaysian Shari‟ah-Compliant listed Companies: Web Reporting

Rapiah Mohammed, Kasumalinda Alwi, Che Zuriana Muhammad Jamil


This paper advances previous research of sustainability disclosure by focusing on information disclosed in the companies‟ web site rather than through annual reports.  Despite looking at the listed companies in general, this study attempts to consider the practice of disclosing sustainability information in the Malaysian Shari‟ah-Compliant listed companies, which represented 87% of the total listed securities or 64.3% of the market capitalization on Bursa Malaysia web site. This study used Islamicity Disclosure Index consists of Shari‟ah Compliance Indicator,
Corporate Governance Index and Social/Environmental Index, and the data is analysed using a content analysis. The results of the study suggest that the sustainability disclosure by Malaysian Shari‟ah-compliant listed companies fall significantly on corporate governance index themes, followed by social/environmental index themes. However, Malaysian  Shari‟ah-compliant listed companies did not clearly disclose the items under Shari‟ah compliance index. Contrary to our expectation, most of the companies disclose the items measured in the annual reports linked to
the companies‟ web site and are thus not fully in the web site.


Sustainability disclosure, corporate social responsibility, internet reporting, shari’ah-compliant listed companies.

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